A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An excerpt from my Patreon post,

"This game was once called EDEN. I do not know what the final name of the game will be, hard to say. This game contains concepts that I developed during my early years as a developer. It's gone through a lot of changes.

At one point in development I merged ideas where I should have forked. I had two great game ideas I tried to work as one, which just isn't feasible.

I have now separated these games and analyzed what they require for completion.

EDEN is something I can complete with my current available time.

The game is a competitive tight arena shooter. Players must battle each other and take their Souls, which exist outside their skeletal bodies. A player with all available Souls is capable of Ascending (winning a round). The game requires at least 2 gamepads to play a full session, or just 1 if you want to give it a peek. Directional pad, face buttons and also the right stick are all used.

There are some gameplay modifiers in this Prototype, to spice things up.

The game is currently being ported from Construct 2 to Game Maker Studio Pro. Learning and developing in GM has been a blast and I am finally able to satisfy a craving for further control in how games run on more of the lower levels.

I still love Construct 2 and I can see myself using it for future projects, just only projects of a certain small to small-medium scale. Large project management in Construct 2 is a nightmare!

Please enjoy this Prototype of EDEN which was created in Construct 2."


This game is currently unavailable